Krishna and Pragati - meditation masters!

Meet your true self through Meditation and Praanayam

Two Meditation Masters From the Himalayas are coming to Stone's Throw Yoga!


About the workshop

Meditation can unfold the higher power and wisdom that lies within you in potential form.

As the flow of the river is unseen, the flow of your own Source is unseen. Meditation reveals the unseen flow of life, bringing peace, clarity, and unity with your true nature.

This workshop will introduce you to:

  • Clear meditation techniques that unfold strength, brightness, and happiness
  • Discovering the innate relationship between the mind and the breath with ancient and practical breathing techniques
  • Drawing forth power from your own treasury to function more effectively
  • Praanayam: Connect with your own vital energy! When breath is refined, thinking is refined

About the facilitators

Kristin and Robyn, also known as Krishna and Pragati, are two sisters from New Zealand, who have lived in the Indian Himalayas for four decades.

They reside at the International Meditation Institute, an international community devoted to Self Realisation, where they are senior teachers in meditation and advanced yogic studies. They hold PhDs in meditation from the Vishwa Unnyayan Samsad (World Development Parliament), New Delhi and Kolkata.

They have been infused with the wisdom of a fully enlightened being, and have deeply imbibed the spirit of the pure, blissful, and timeless wisdom of Self-awareness. Their understanding of how ancient knowledge can be applied in the modern age is unique and invaluable.

Throughout the years, they have travelled to New Zealand and Australia, where they have held workshops, conducted satsangs, and taught hundreds of people to meditate. They have trained and inspired many people to also teach meditation and praanayam. With originality and delight, they reveal new and rejuvenating techniques of meditation, praanayam, and yogic science that enhance one’s life and expand one’s awareness.

Read more on the amazing Krishna and Pragati on Facebook and their website, Himalayan Knowledge.


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