New to yoga? We get it.

New to yoga?

We get it.

Coming to yoga for the first time is scary.

"I'm too inflexible. I'm too tall. I'm too big. I'm too old. I'm a guy. What the hell is a Downward Dog? What does Namaste mean, anyway? People will look at me. They might even judge me!”

We work hard to make our classes inclusive and accessible. We have lots of modifications available and we love using props!

Don't get us wrong, it'll be weird the first time. Your body won't know what you're attempting to do with it, you won't know any of the poses, and you'll feel a bit like a fish out of water.

But... after a few classes you'll soon start to know the names of some of the poses, and your body will start to know how to get there. You'll also realise that no one is looking at you - because they're too busy trying not to fall over themselves! Or they've gotten past that point and they're now looking inward, focusing on their own practice.

And before you know it, you'll be looking forward to your next class, and the way you feel afterwards. You'll miss a class, and feel the difference in your body. You'll realise that your strength, flexibility, balance, and range of motion have all improved, and continue to improve each time you practice.

If you're ready to make yoga a part of your life, check our class schedule and come along to one of our ‘all levels' classes.

We recommend:

  • Yin classes for mindful stretching
  • Restorative classes for restful meditation
  • Slow Flow classes for intentional movement and mobility
  • Yin + Yang classes for gentler mindful movement and stretching
  • Meditation + Breathwork classes to explore different meditation techniques
  • Chair Yoga classes for a movement practice with extra support

We also run regular introductory courses, including our popular 'No-Bullshit Yoga for Men', aimed at giving you a solid understanding of yoga basics, and the confidence to drop in to one of our general classes and feel comfortable in your practice.

Oh, and we say Namaste at the end of each class to recognise and acknowledge the ‘one-ness' of all of us.

Get in touch

Our studio is located a stone's throw from the Mundaring shopping district, at 2815 Jacoby Street. Free parking is located on site.

We'd love to hear from you! You can send us an email at, or drop us a line on (08) 6118 0277.