Mel in a strong, supported wheel pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana)

Advanced Asana Lab

Advanced Asana Lab is a 90-minute, workshop-style event that runs every four weeks on Saturday afternoon. Each lab will focus on building strength, stamina and flexibiltiy for practicing particularly challenging asana, such as arm balances, inversions and deep backbends.

There are only 12 spots available, to ensure everyone receives personal instruction as well as the benefits of group practice.

Asana, or physical poses, are only one part of the rich and vibrant practice of yoga. We practice asana to care for our bodies - building strength, stamina, and flexibility. A focused and considered asana practice is also a fantastic way to connect with ourselves and settle the mind. All of these benefits prepare us physically and mentally for time in seated meditation.

Many of the traditional yoga asana are very physically challenging and require dedicated and focused practice to find ease within them.

If you have been practicing yoga asana regularly for at least six months and you are excited about building your knowledge and working towards some of these more challenging postures, these workshops are for you!

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