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We have a multitude of class styles available to give you an immersive and well-rounded practice at our studio. When you visit us, we'll help you disconnect from your busy life and experience the benefits of mindfulness, movement, and community.

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This fusion class mixes smooth Yoga flows and principles with elements of foundational Pilates work, strengthening key muscle groups. This class gives you the best of both movement practices, opening your heart and nourishing both your body and your mind.

Yoga + Pilates classes are suitable for all levels.

A slower-paced version of a Vinyasa class, moving mindfully, transitioning slowly and staying in poses for longer periods. Build your strength, stamina, and discipline.

Slow Flow classes are suitable for all levels.

Syncing breath with movement, this is a fast-paced class that will get your heart pumping and your muscles talking. You'll be taken through a variety of carefully-curated postures to stretch and strengthen your whole body.

Vinyasa classes are open to everyone, but some previous experience with yoga or general fitness is recommended.

A more meditative practice, holding passive stretches for three to five minutes at a time. Yin Yoga works into the connective tissues, releasing your fascia and improving flexibility.

Yin classes are suitable for all levels, and ideal if you're looking to relax, breathe and reconnect with your body.

If you have your own yoga bolster and blankets we encourage you to bring them along to minimise sharing of studio props.

Yin + Yang classes begin with movement before transitioning to a Yin-style practice of longer-held, supported postures (typically on the floor). This class is perfect for when you're wanting a softer practice with the best of both worlds.

Yin + Yang classes are suitable for all levels.

If you have your own yoga bolster and blankets we encourage you to bring them along to minimise sharing of studio props.

The ultimate unwind. We use a multitude of props to support the body completely in each pose, which is held for extended periods, allowing you to totally relax and let go. This is a deeply meditative practice that is the perfect physical and mental antidote for busy, stressful lives.

Restorative classes are suitable for all levels, and anyone wanting to relax and disconnect.

If you have your own yoga bolster and blankets we encourage you to bring them along to minimise sharing of studio props.

Chair Yoga brings all the benefits of a yoga practice to those who prefer or require the support of a chair. These classes include mindfulness, breath work (pranayama), meditation and poses (asana), with the added benefit of using a chair for support.

Chair Yoga is suitable for all students, and is especially beneficial for those:

  • Recovering from, or living with, an injury or illness
  • Living with a disability
  • Of senior age
  • In a larger body
  • Who find it difficult to get up and down from the floor

As a result of this accessible practice you are likely to experience improvements in flexibility, mobility, strength, balance, and body awareness. In addition, mindfulness, meditation and breathwork have been shown to have a myriad of mental health benefits, including reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Chair Yoga classes are suitable for all levels.

We truly believe that parents (typically mums!) have the hardest job of all, and we want you to be able to take some time out for yourself.

Our creche is available on Thursdays for our 9:30am Throwback Thursday Vinyasa class and is completely FREE. Your child will be cared for in the next room by Erin, a qualified childcare worker, Hills local, and mum to a 6 year old wildling herself.

Bookings are essential - please ensure you reserve your free spot before bringing your little tyke to class, as there are only five spots available. Minimum age is six months.

To book your child in to the creche, you'll need to utilise our family membership option - creating an account under your profile for each of the children you want to book in to the creche, and switching to their account to book them in. Check out this video for guidance on how to do this.

We have a maximum of two siblings per family to ensure as many parents as possible can take advantage of our creche.

Our creche is in huge demand - if you can't attend your class or you no longer need your creche spot, please cancel as soon as possible to allow other parents to utilise the service.

Children over 10 are welcome to join their parents for general classes if they don't disrupt the class (which includes lying still on the floor for up to 10 minutes at the end). Please bear in mind that we often use contemporary music in our adult classes which may contain swearing or adult themes.

If this doesn't sound right for your child but they're still interested in yoga, keep an eye out for our kids yoga classes - coming soon!

Workshops are a chance to immerse yourself deeper in your yoga practice, or learn about a complementary topic. Find out more about our courses, workshops and events.

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Our studio is located a stone's throw from the Mundaring shopping district, at 2815 Jacoby Street. Free parking is located on site.

We'd love to hear from you! You can send us an email at hello@stonesthrowyoga.com.au, or drop us a line on (08) 6118 0277.